The Westchester Biotech Project brings together researchers, engineers, and data scientists from across therapeutics, diagnostics, and devices. Based in the Westchester County, NY region, this is a borderless initiative with opportunities for local, national, and international collaboration. 

Young Investigators Webinar Series:
Effective Communication in Biomedical Research
Session 3 - Presenting Data for Funders and Investors

January 24, 2018 12:00-1:00 pm EST • Click to Register
Presenter: Rick Huntress, Director, Business Development, Clinical and In Vivo Services, The Jackson Laboratory
Moderator: Eileen Geoghegan, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Criteria that investors and companies use to evaluate drugs for licensing or acquisition can be different from those used by reviewers and journals for publication. In this webinar, we will discuss strategies that allow researchers to anticipate such concerns and generate the kind of data that investors appreciate. The session will help early-career researchers, engineers, and data-scientists navigate the complex process of engaging their supporters.

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Young Investigators Webinar Series:
Effective Communication in Biomedical Research
Session 2 - Peer To Peer Communication

November 14, 2017 • Click for More
Presenter: Dr. Laura Green, Consortium Project Manager, Director's Office / Clinical Research, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Moderator: Dr. Doreen Badheka, Program Director, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Rutgers University

A collaboration with the Westchester Biotech Project, Rutgers Medical School,  & Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
This session focused on interacting with other scientists in symposia, lab meetings, seminars, and thesis defense. Included is guidelines for effective presentations, ppt slides, and interaction.

Roundtable: Biotech Cluster Development 2
For Researchers, Developers, and Entrepeneurs
December 13, 2017 • Click for More 

We invited participation to address the vibrant opportunities and significant challenges for life science research, engineering, and data science. 

Overall, our activities are designed to stimulate knowledge sharing and collaboration across the many silos of biomedical research, device development, and commercialization.

Innovation in Research Symposium
Hosted by Fordham University Westchester 
October 26, 2017 • Click for More

Dr. Carla Romney of Fordham University hosted us, providing a beautiful location on the Fordham Westchester Campus. "Bringing together scientists, engineers, and clinicians from many companies and institutions is the best way to stimulate future research collaborations," says Dr. Romney.

Young Investigators Webinar Series:
Bench to Bedside - Taking Research to the Market

November 28, 2017 • Click for More and Recording
Presenter: Vinit Nijhawan, Managing Director, University Patent Monetization Program, UnitedLex and its subsidiary iRunway

An overview of the tech transfer field was presented. Topics discussed included challenges associated with the field and ways to increase success rates for an audience of researchers and organizations.

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We are building programs for 2018 by convening thought leaders from varied perspectives. These include discovery research, clinical development, institutional growth, supporting industries, and regional economic development. 

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